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Six Ways to Pour Into Yourself In the New Year

People giving a toast with wine

New year, who dis?

I’m a new mom, and until now, my livelihood has depended on me traveling the country to do a Broadway musical or leaving home to film a movie for months at a time. I wouldn’t trade my new motherhood status for the world, but sometimes, it’s hard to envision my future in entertainment from here on out. I’m often told that my only job now is to focus on my new baby. I tend to agree with this, but I also feel that mothers should pour into themselves and prioritize self-care.

With that being said, here are six ways to pour into yourself in the New Year!


girl reading

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Since becoming a mom, it feels like cracking open a book and having the time to read is impossible. Intentionally setting aside time for reading can be a healing experience that is proven to reduce stress. Allowing your imagination to roam free can be liberating! Discover a genre of your liking and make use of any breaks during the day to grab a book. We all deserve to have less stress in the new year.

Make more time for family and friends

Family can be blood and can be chosen. Either way, spending time with the ones you love is essential. I'm finding this to be even more critical since becoming a mother. There is something special about others pouring love into you and your child. Find a way to schedule family dinners, drinks with friends, movie nights with your spouse/partner, or fun activities to help you feel recharged.

Find a fitness routine you love

woman doing a squat with a resistance band around her thighs

Consider trying a fresh fitness routine that will be sustainable beyond the first month of the year. You could take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood for a mile. Alternatively, you could do ten minutes of yoga in the morning. Or, if you prefer group classes, try cycling once a week. Additionally, you can subscribe to my Pilates workout channel on YouTube. There are many options when it comes to choosing a fitness routine, and whichever one you choose will benefit you positively. 

Ask for and accept help

I empathize entirely with stubborn people who would rather do a challenging task themselves than ask for help. But this sentiment is not doing you any favors. Let's change this in the new year! Asking for help is pouring into yourself. You are not a burden, and you are not imposing. You deserve it, and everyone needs help sometimes.

Try digital planning

I’ve recently “discovered” digital planning and can’t live without it! With my digital planner, I can plan my days and track my workouts, budgets, and water intake. For some reason, the cute stickers and girly aesthetic motivate me to stay organized! Being organized helps me to prioritize and make time for important tasks as well as enjoyable activities. Although this is an obvious point, I struggle to maintain a strict schedule, and with a six-month-old baby, a lack of a schedule can often lead to chaos. Digital planning helps to guide the way I move every day. If you want to try digital planning, check out my 2024 digital planner with hyperlinks from my Etsy store here.

Start journaling

woman writing in journal by a window

Sometimes, the best release of stress is writing out how you feel. Taking even just 5 minutes at the end of the day to record your thoughts, feelings, and opinions can relieve your mental load and improve your mood. You can do this digitally or the "old school" way and write in a physical journal. If you need a new journal, here’s one from my Etsy shop. Happy journaling!

Consider picking at least one of these things to do consistently for the new year. Whether you're a mother or not, you deserve to give yourself some love. Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup. Happy New Year!

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